Monday, May 6, 2013

Blaming the internet for everything

Why that is when something bad happens we all tend to blame the internet like it is a curse or disease that cannot be controlled. Are we that helpless that we cannot control ourselves and fall victim to the evil internet. As with most of the things, internet can be used for good or evil purposes. It all depends upon how and who uses it and for what purpose. I love the internet and I believe that if it is utilized correctly (meaning for good purpose) it can do wonders to the improvement of the lives of human beings. But as you know every individual is different and so they will want to utilize it according to their needs and there will be some who would use it for bad purposes. And I have become sick and tired of hearing people say that internet is bad and blame everything on it as if there is no such as individual responsibility. Internet has made the world small and brings loved ones dispersed in various countries closer together and gets updates on their lives instantly. Many jobs have been created by it (although I acknowledge that many have been destroyed but it is the fault of the people involved that they were slow to embrace this technology and got wiped out). News is being dispersed instantly instead of waiting for the next day newspaper to announce it. And the businesses which were geographically restricted in one place can sell their goods across the country and the globe.

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