Thursday, May 16, 2013

Things to ponder on-2

I know most of the people care less about what happens to earth or what is out there and other irrelevant and nonessential questions pertaining to our lives but it is these questions that keep our mind sharp and inquisitive. As scientists have already deducted that in order to keep our mind working through the seventies and beyond, we need to keep it active and one of the ways is to keep on thinking about things that you may not have found the answers to. Despite our vastly superior knowledge, we have still don’t know about what is in our oceans or what happens to our bodies once our soul depart this world. Are we really that intelligent that despite being on this earth for supposedly millions (or even thousands) of years, we are still trying to find answers to our most common problems. So as we go on about our daily lives, we need to keep on think about things which we want answers too or even to reflect on our own lives if we have done something good and what to do in order to avoid bad things that are done during the day. Being just and fair in our dealings we should constantly evaluate things that we should ponder on in order to improve our lives and the community we live in and also look for answer for a better world where everybody has a role to important no matter how trivial that is.

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