Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Recent headaches for the President

President Obama of the U.S. has been recently beset of some scandals which may or may not be of his doing. But I cannot understand why a President has to be involved in scandals during their second term. You can count on their fingers the tenure of the second term have been a somewhat less than success like that of Reagan, Clinton, Obama and Nixon. Maybe it is the complacent fact that they don’t have to get reelected and are bolder to take things which can become controversial during the second term. For the current President, the scale and the scope of the President came in droves. First it was already the Benghazi incident in Libya where the Ambassador and the four other people got killed and the Republicans are still trying to find out what actually happened and if it could have been prevented. Then the second one came in the shape of IRS where the tax enforcement agency targeted conservative group for their nonprofit status. And then that was not enough that the AP (Associated Press) scandal regarding the seizure of some documents from the Justice Department. Although the President was (is) not directly involved in it but being the President he has been graceful enough to stand his ground on all these scandals (like the other Presidents before him). Hopefully when the Republicans get tired of these scandals they will have time to find the solutions to real problems like how to fix the economy and how to create jobs and increase U.S. competitiveness globally.

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