Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Does violence in movies affect us?-2

And so the debate goes on and maybe there are some crimes where people blame some movie for the motivation of that crime, but as human beings we should know better that an individual would do anything to justify his/her crimes and blaming on the movies is one of the easier ones. I understand that the immature minds who watch these movies may not be able to comprehend or distinguish between fact and reality and so does an adult mind bent on harming somebody would find some idea to act upon the story or character of the movie but it is really few and far between. Most of the time thankfully it is the other way around that the movies are based on the actual events taken place. And here the politicians keep on blaming the movies on the violence happening in society and trying to pressurize the movie industry to tone down the violence. In the U.K and some other countries, they have banned some very violent movies based on the content but now they are readily available on DVD and on the internet. It is really hard to ban something right now because you can always access it on the internet and does it make sense to outlaw some movies and not others which may be also violent but are acceptable in some societies? Take for example, Japan which makes one of the most violent movies with lower crime rate than other industrialized countries, so to blame violence on movies is not entirely correct. We should try to educate people to differentiate between fact and fiction, although I am sure there would always be people who would blame the violence in societies on the movies.

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