Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The fast changing world around us

A few decades ago (maybe like six or seven) things were a little slow everywhere in the world. My father always use to reminiscent of the time he had a carefree life with less responsibility (and of course less crime). But since then things have been changing very fast lately around us. People have lost patience and want things to be done instantly (I am also guilty of that but for other reasons). Things are changing so fast that some old folks cannot accept this fast changing world and resent everything that is happening to their income, country, pension plans, social security payments, health care and housing markets and trying to cling to the ways that they have been raised with. Their resentment can be seen in the elections where they try to elect people who share their views (nothing wrong with that) but they still believe that the U.S. is still running the world. Although I have nothing against senior citizens but to see the world changing around them so fast makes them very bitter and angry about the whole world around them. They long for the time when world revolved around the U.S. and U.S.S.R and there were not this many players. The U.S. was producing many things and the immigration was not multi color (like it is now). But this resentment would not change the fact that the world has moved on and is moving faster than they can ever think about and it is leaving them behind. Although it is really sad but it is not only the senior folks but also the ones who don’t want to change and I can understand that most of the people don’t want change in their lives but it is the way the world works and if don’t adapt fast, you could be left behind in everything and you can become bitter and resentment not for the fault of other people but of your own.

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