Friday, May 10, 2013

What it means to assimilate?-4

Although I believe that it is the responsibility of the countries to make sure that the immigrants are fully assimilated into their societies, but this burden is heaviest on the immigrants since they are the ones who have come to these countries for better economic opportunities. I am saying this economic opportunities because they are the ones who had no compulsion to come and now they are here so they should at least reconcile to this fact. The other category of immigrants are the ones who have been discriminated or faced violence and persecution due to various reasons and have more stake in their host countries and they are more easily assimilated in the native population. And then there is the United States which is already an immigrant nation and people have been easily assimilated in this country. Although there has been debate after the Boston Bombing that the Muslim population is not that much assimilated but that is mostly wrong. I am saying mostly wrong because there will always be some people who would blame the conflict between the immigrant lifestyle and the host country lifestyle for the violence and this is a never ending debate. Suffice is to say now that since the immigrants have been having a hard time assimilating to the new environment, the host countries should make a renewed effort to integrate them into the mainstream and if need be try to concentrate on the most vulnerable sections of this population and monitor them since you never know which can go over the tipping point.

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