Friday, May 24, 2013

Whatever it takes to maintain our body-2

I don’t know what is behind this obsession with the staying young and beautiful. Maybe it is the societal pressure or the need to be more eligible to date or the image that is portrayed by all the fashion magazines and the Hollywood stars and beauty pageants. All this issues drives this maintenance of our body industry and it is not only confined to the U.S. but due to ever presence and expanding global media, even people in countries where it is hard to find food, these beauty and health products sell well and you are unable to talk some women out of it. And the same goes for the men folk to as they pump up and exercise and get health products which make them looker younger and attractive to the general public. Sometimes this kind of behavior leads to unhealthy habits as men and women spend disproportionate amount of money on themselves and also on their kids to compete with other families. I am not saying here that these kinds of things should stop as it will never as more and more women think that applying heavy makeup and going on unrealistic diets will never fade but to take it to a level that will affect your mental and financial health is a price women should not pay. A level of self confidence and self esteem is in place and the same is true for men as they are also competing for the attention and approval of the general public. Many of the people that you see in the magazines have been photo shopped to look similar and the celebrities who look smart and beautiful have a full crew of beautiful and fitness people to take care of them. So a combination of little makeup, healthy body and self confidence and self esteem and good character will go a long way to saving you money and build good relationships in the community.

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