Monday, May 13, 2013

What is newsworthy?-2

Sometimes the news media have used the pictures and stories captured by amateur journalists in their stories because they have realized that they cannot possibly station every journalist everywhere to cover the breaking news. So in a way you can say that there is competition in the news reporting business and what is newsworthy to the news media may or may not be newsworthy to the common people. And people who live in a community wants to know what is happening in their community and it may not be covered by the major news media and in case the local amateur journalists and bloggers come in handy and they report on their local community and it becomes newsworthy for a select group of people. And it is rare that remuneration is involved in reporting local events by blogger so you get an honest perspective of what is going on. And one more thing, every news is newsworthy depending upon whom you are asking. It may seem trivial to one person and they can move on to news but for the some other person it may be the NEWS of the day and very important in terms of a person's life. So now with the internet, no news can be deemed not newsworthy and everybody can claim to be an amateur journalist of photographer.

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