Monday, May 20, 2013

Stop putting a dollar sign on mother's job

I may have missed the last survey but this time, it caught my eye on the article that was estimating the value of a mother putting work around the house and it was about 50K dollars which was down somewhat from a year ago and hence this article. I don’t really understand that a simple thing called mother's job can be characterized as having some monetary value. For that matter, you will see various articles about how much it costs to raise a child, how much does funeral costs, how much is senior citizen facility costs and on and on. Now I ask can you put a dollar value on what your mother do every day like the article said other day. Is it not enough that without her, you would not be in this world to calculate her job's value? And how come one considers her work a job? I mean whatever she does work around the house, it is really not her duty to do it but she does it out of love for her family and there is no value to it and you can say it is priceless. Without her doing the work, most of the people will go hungry, laundry would not be done, house hold chores which some people don’t see will not be done and the house will be a messy place to arrive at too. If you really want to put value on her work, go out and hire someone to do the same job with the same kind of love that she will put in and you will arrive at a figure not to your liking. Her job is 24 hours a day all year long, and it includes all the love that she puts in and you cannot replace that with some hired help. So stop put a dollar sign to her work and also to countless other ones where the emotional price can never be calculated.

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