Thursday, May 23, 2013

My experience with jury duty-2

Since it is a civic duty and required by law, your office will excuse you for the duration of your jury duty and you also get paid by your office while you are away. When I reached the courthouse and parked my car and then went inside and after security clearance went up the reception desk where I was screened and asked to sit in the assembly hall where the TV was on HGTV® home and garden TV. After sitting for a while and seeing the different potential jurors coming in. We had to watch a video about the importance of being on jury duty. Then one of the employees of the court came and explained to us the procedure of the Jury duty selected or not. The court will pay us USD 5.00 each day for the first three days and then USD 40.00 thereafter. We were not to discuss the case (if selected) with other jurors. Everybody has to in the court until 4.00 P.M where selected or not. There was coffee outside and cafeteria too. The lunch break was between 12.00 to 1.30 P.M unless you are selected which means that the judge can give you whatever time to come back after the recess. After the introduction, people started to move about the building but were near the earshot of the announcement as they started to call in bunch of people to be taken to several court houses. In the first batch I was not in so I went to get my coffee. There was also some vending machine and a computer room with free Wi-Fi but no computers as you had to bring in your own. There were three assembly rooms in which the jurors were supposed to sit. A and B were dedicated towards the first day jurors and C was the second and later day jurors.

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