Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Terror in Britain

Another terror attack in Britain. Another screwed up Muslim justifying his actions by invoking in the name of religion. And the tension rises between the whites and the Muslims and the backlash begins. I am already sick and tired of these so called Muslims who take it upon themselves of being holy warriors without any idea of what that means and entails. And then the rush begins to denounce this person of faith by the Muslim leaders but these people cannot counter the arguments of radical clerics in their midst. Did it accomplish anything by this unprovoked attack? Was any less Muslims saved by this act? Did Islam got protected or Muslims now feel save from the British Army? You can keep on going and the answer every time will be a big NO. These so called Muslim are trying to change a Christian nation to their own ideas of a Muslim Nation when they are unable to fix their own native lands. Then there is the failure of the Muslim leaders to denounce this radical ideas and show the real picture of Islam when somebody tries to distort it. But since there are political considerations and fear and reprisals from the extremist, these leaders keep quiet and keep on going like nothing has happened. It is the failure of these Muslim leaders to find reasons behind their violent ways and retribution against extremists’ ideas that is causing all this problems. Unless the Muslims wholeheartedly stand up to the extremists’ ideal everywhere, they will always feel threatened by extremists and Non Muslims alike.

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