Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The elections in Pakistan

For the first time in the turbulent history of Pakistan, an election recently heralded the transfer of power from one civilian government to another. Before this the military used to interrupt the transition and always use one pretext or another to topple the elected government but I guess the military is tired or the international climate is such that the days of military overthrow is gone (for a while at least). Whatever the case maybe, you can say that it is big deal in Pakistan to have another government hopefully the next full term of five years. Although the elections were won with majority by the old parties and the new one but this exercise in democracy is only as good as you are giving the votes. Otherwise the politicians are not use to come back after the election. But with increasing awareness maybe this time will be different and the politicians will pay heed to the real problems the public is facing. Now some of my readers will be asking who gives a damn about a country which harbors OBL and other known and unknown terrorists and is always begging for money from outside. You know you may be right but for the countries who want to see a stable Pakistan with nukes, it is essential that we should not let that country fall apart because it is better to deal with one combined threat with our few friends that remain in Pakistan to having a country scattered into pieces and then you have to deal with many menaces. I will elaborate on this further.

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