Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Economic crisis and racism

If you have noticed it but whenever there is economic crisis in a country, nationalist tendencies become more common place and people find refuge under some nationalist party or agenda and blame all the immigrants for the ills that is happening to their country. When things are going great, there is no open racism going on and everybody is happy to make some money and also ignore or involve immigrants in their merry times, but as soon as things go sour, all these merry men become like a nationalist and start denouncing immigrants and try to restrict or even expelling them blaming for all the loss jobs and economic malaise. Why this is so, it is because, it is time to compete and work hard to get those scarce jobs and the best thing to do is to blame the immigrants who take those scarce jobs and leave the natives high and dry. I guess it is human nature that when things are going good and everybody is benefitting from the fruits of the economy, there is no time for playing the racism card as there is plenty for everybody and then some but once things become scarce, then the head of racism rears and you see the true nature of people who can change into vicious monsters fighting for the spoils of the economy and the only way to do is to blame the outsiders not their own incompetence and lack of competitive. And right now it is happening more frequently in Europe than in other places because of the economic decline in Europe. So Economic crisis and racism are inherently linked and you can read about it in the news and see the connection.

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