Friday, May 24, 2013

Whatever it takes to maintain our body

You know that you are spending too much on yourself when the cosmetics and self preservation (or whatever you want the industry where you are trying to maintain your healthy self). There use to a time when very few items were out on the shelf for the men to groom and take care of themselves. But not anymore as more and more products are being brought to the market catering to these men who try to remain fit and use the latest fashion to either attract the opposite or same sex or to feel good about them. If there are cosmetic stuffs for women to make them look beautiful and younger, then there are equally good products for men to beef up their muscles and also have all kinds of men grooming stuff to go along. As you already know that women will always have more products than men and this is evident by all the shows depicting all kinds of products to make them attractive and healthy and young looking. You can go on from the anti-aging cream to acne products to slim products, younger looking skin and even some that make your skin lighter (a controversial one in developing countries obsessed with making themselves white). Then there are so many exercise regiments to lose weight and all the jewelry and different fashions to accompany it. Then you have vitamins and other supplementary medicinal products to go against the tide of being aging gracefully. And they the cosmetic and the assorted industries keep on churning out the so called must have products to entice women to buy them as it may have the miracle cure to keep you beautiful and healthy forever.

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