Thursday, May 16, 2013

Things to ponder on

Okay maybe some people don’t have the time to think about some things happening in their lives or don’t really care as long as they are providing food and shelter to their families. But for those having enough time on their hands (like me because I write this blog), have you ever thought about what are we doing in this world. What is our purpose here, why we do certain things and not others, what is there out in space, do we even know our own earth. Do we know what is going on in other parts of the world that may or may not impact us directly or indirectly? Why we develop certain diseases and not others and why innocent people die and the evil ones live so long? Although this post will be deemed too heavily philosophical to some or even most people and maybe turned off by my wondering but do we think along these lines or not? These and other countless questions arise in my mind on a daily basis which I don’t have the answer too and maybe would not be able to find answers too since there is not a single source that you go to find some questions which have remained unanswered and we are still searching for it, like if there are other planets that hold the same kind of atmosphere and climate we have so that we can maybe settle down there in the future. Or how are we going to protect ourselves if multiple meteorites and asteroids hit us at once?

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