Thursday, May 30, 2013

Unburdened by pressure

It means I am not beholden to any interest group or company who can dictate to me what I should write or pressurize me to write something which I may or may not agree with. As you have already seen from my blog, I solicit only donations and some ads from the Google ® ad sense ® so I am completely dependent on the generously of my readers for this blog. As such I am not in any way pressurized to write something in favor of or against some corporation or government entity. And that’s the way I want to keep it. But I need my readers' help to either donate it via my blog or if not then my blog links to as many people as possible so that my unique visitors can increase. I hate being dictated what to do and that is why I created my blog to voice my opinion of domestic and world matters. My blog may or may not be unique enough for some people but the truth is that I write unbiased opinion of things that I feel matters to my readers or which I feel the mainstream and internet media is not highlighting due to their right wing or left wing or any other wing agenda or catering to their audience since they will lose that audience (and hence the ad money) if they deviate from it. And I am without any money taken from anybody use my blog to highlight events which I present it as unbiased way as possible and because of this I am unburdened by such pressures.

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