Thursday, May 16, 2013

Making an impact

Did you ever think about making an impact in your daily life or your entire life which will not only benefit yourself and your family but the community at large? I bet most of you have but don’t know how or are too busy to think about and go about rest of your routine life. I am not recommending here that you go out and do something to make your presence known but from time to time you should do something other than for yourself which will have an impact beyond your and your family life so that you have contributed something to the society in which you live. Am I asking too much of individuals who live and enjoy the company of other citizens that they do something for the larger community? It does not have to be some grandiose thing that then you would not be able to manage due to financial and physical constraints. But even volunteering in your kid’s school or just donating some money to your favorite charity or some fund raising to help some cause will usually do the trip and make you feel proud inside. Not only it will create goodwill among people but people will remember you next time when they need some volunteering or help in some fund raising and that is how making an impact can be everlasting even when you are not in this world because people will remember for your work and your help in things that matter to them.

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