Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The organic food industry

The market for the organic food has exploded lately since many people have become conscious about the harmful effects that the chemicals pose to human health and the liberal use of them on all kinds of food. There is a whole supermarket chain dedicated to organic foods and everybody is jumping into it to make money. And due to whatever reason, these organic products tend to be more expensive than non organic products. Now why is this so? I don’t really understand this more pricey items since if you are using all natural products without any chemicals (as claimed) it should be more cheaper because in case of non organic food, you need to add chemicals in addition to water and other ingredients so they should be more expensive. But the reverse it true as organic items without chemicals tends to be more expensive. Although I have tasted organic food and found to be slightly different than other non organic ones but the difference is minuscule (as I have observed, maybe I am wrong since my taste bud is adjusted to non organic food). I have not yet gotten used to this whole organic food craze (maybe because it is more expensive or maybe I am still skeptical) but whatever the reason, this movement is set to grow. I for one is perfectly fine with non organic food since unless I see with my own eyes they are indeed without chemicals I would not spend more money for the same product.

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