Thursday, May 2, 2013

The price of drugs we use

Everybody needs medicine to survive or to maintain their health. And older people need more than younger ones and sick people more than healthy ones. But here in the U.S. the outrageous amount of money that we shell out in order to purchase drugs is really out of control. That is why our health care budget is so high because of the cost of drugs used and the main part is that we are actually subsidizing cheap drugs to other countries. We pay the high price for the research and marketing of these drugs and then we complain about it that they are expensive. A recent report came out that said that people are skipping doctor visits and avoiding purchase of costly drugs that they have to take on a regular basis. Is this situation pathetic or not but even when politicians try to address it, they get shot down by the pharmaceutical lobby. Since I get no donation or ad from anybody, I am free to express my opinion and having said that I am also just like anybody trying to pay for medicine by insurance, but even with that the cost of drugs keeps piling up. And the fun part is that the American public keeps on suffering but still is unable to fight back because they have become used to these high prices. I am not here to disparage the good work done by the pharmaceutical companies in tackling diseases but why can't they spread the cost of drugs equally around the world.

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