Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Riots in Sweden

Someday I want to visit this beautiful country which I always wanted to but for now the depressing and shocking news is that there are riots going on in Stockholm and its suburbs and it has shattered some kind of tranquility in that parts of the world. The news coming out is that police somehow shot a 69 year old person in the immigrant suburbs and the unemployed youth with nothing to lose starting rioting. It seems that it was just an excuse to vent their frustration about jobs and benefits and the inequality that exists between the immigrants and the natives. Although Sweden has one of most generous policies regarding immigration but I guess they have failed to integrate their newcomers into the mainstream society (that is what I am reading in the newspapers). I know most of the immigrants are refugees from violence in their countries but security is not the only issue that affects these people. You cannot just say that security is there and then you don’t find many opportunities for employment and you are still viewed negatively by the larger society. It is not only in Sweden but other European countries who have failed to integrate their immigrants’ population and welcome them in their societies. This is the one fundamental thing that I fail to understand if for some reason the host countries fail to integrate their immigrant population and just believe that giving them security will absolve them of their responsibilities than they should say it upfront when allowing immigrants or curtail their immigration population. Better to be honest upfront than the shatter the dreams of immigrants.

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