Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Today is May Day-2

And if conditions can be improved than there will be higher cost of everything that the western and rich countries consume. Even if the labor costs remain low, the cost to update the infrastructure and machinery and living conditions will cost money and that will increase the cost of goods to manufacture and hence increase in prices of goods imported. Are we going to pay for the higher price in lieu of improved conditions and how would we know that the conditions have been improved to acceptable levels. You know that if and when this new improvements are implemented, there would be more pressure on the suppliers to produce goods at the lowest minimum in order to get orders from western countries which are always looking for the lowest cost per unit. And these improved conditions should be implementing across the planet if we are going to raise the living conditions of the laborers. There should not be any disparity between conditions in one country or the other since if there is one, the companies can go to the one with the lowest cost notwithstanding the fact that they maybe the worse abusers of laborers. And the role of the consumers is very critical since they are the ultimate buyers of these goods. And until the consumers step up and demand improved conditions from companies there can be no improvement of the conditions these hapless laborers work and live in.

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