Friday, May 24, 2013

Who and what is a role model?

Now I have real issue with this designation. Every time I watch some person saying some good stuff or doing some good thing, he instantly becomes a role model. Why are some professional sports players or some celebrity a role model just because they have done something good? Does your parents or your elder siblings don’t count as role model. And what is with this role model thing that we are constantly looking for one like we have ran out it. A role model according to me should be a role model that has and is constantly doing things which are deemed good and beneficial to not only them but to the society at large. You help the victims of violence or help or feed the homeless and help your community not only for one time or short time but for a very long and continuous time that makes other people tell their kids to follow in your footsteps. A role model can you elder brother or sister or your religious leader that you can look up to and guidance in times of needs but this role model should be chosen carefully lest you feel disappointed if the role model that you are following turns out to be worse. Other thing to make sure is that no matter what is your role model, they may have their flaws and unless you ignore their flaws and concentrate on the positive aspects on their lives, you will continue to search for your role model. So choose your role model carefully and then make sure you are inspired by them as much as they are inspired by you.

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