Thursday, May 16, 2013

The ups and downs of insurance-2

If you want to buy an insurance at a younger age with being totally healthy, you can get a good rate for yourself and your family but later on when you are getting old, the same insurance costs you a lot. Also even if you are in perfect health in your old age, you will still have to pay more for insuring your life. Maybe living a high crime area or city can also increase your insurance rate that may depend on the insurance company also. The insurance on your house is another insurance you can see in your lifetime as it depends on the when it was built, whether it is single family or multifamily and whether it is owner occupied or rented out. Then the latest trend is to get insurance on your appliances as the retailers push this one up very much when you are buying some stuff. So the insurance rate does not remain static through your life and across different products but depends on various factors as discussed above. It is up to individuals to decide which insurance they need and how much they need to cover that particular product in order to feel secure about it. But even if you have sufficient coverage, when something you need the insurance company to cover it takes a long time and fight to get what you want your insurance company to pay for damage to your personal or property. So although it is required that you need to have certain type of insurance but sometimes you don’t get what you insured your thing for in times of need.

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