Thursday, May 2, 2013

The price of drugs we use-2

And with the current budget crisis climate and all the talk about cutting expenses everywhere, we will be paying more for our Medicare and fund the Medicaid. Right now I have insurance so I am insulated somewhat from the prices of drugs but what happens when (and if) I retire and have no insurance and have to rely on Medicare for my health needs. How much more I will have to pay in insurance in order for me to remain somewhat healthy. People are having a hard time now when they are work to pay for the insurance premiums and it will become almost impossible for them to afford drugs even after the new health care system. I mean how come the drugs which are produced in the United States are more expensive than they are overseas? Even the price of drugs is not uniform since you would never see the retail price on any drugs. The Pharmacies are allowed to put their own price on it and conceal the real price from the customers. Different pharmacies have different prices so we the consumers never know if we are paying more for some drugs in some stores than in others. And this distortion in pricing is how the American public gets deceived and since there is less competition and more urgent need for drugs, these drugs stores and pharmacies take advantage of us and we get duped. How long are we going to pay outrageous prices for drugs which cost much less overseas?

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