Monday, May 20, 2013

Why we love and hate success at the same time?

We love people who are successful and we also hate them at the same time and secretly desire their fall from success or think that we should be the one who should have been successful. I don’t know about you but sometimes I feel like why was I not the one who is successful but I don’t feel jealous for successful people, I just think that if I would have been lucky enough to think about an idea or not wasted my years on some job where the chances of moving ahead are next to none, then I would have been successful but all is still not lost as I am working on things which might make me successful one day. But as you know success comes to people who work hard (with some luck thrown in) and that is the main ingredient. If you have read some comments after some news regarding somebody famous, people really want to hate these successful people but not all of them are being targeted with scorn or hate. It may also be the fault of the rich people who act arrogantly. But overall the love/hate relationship is really out there. For example, there are people who want the rich to pay their fair share and the politicians who also court the rich people want to target them too with taxes because that is how they get the votes from not so rich folks. I can understand that if you cheat your way to success then the hate mail or comments you receive can be justified but if you have played fair and square and abide by all the laws then why the hate. We should celebrate their success and try to be like them as that is what America is all about.

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