Friday, May 17, 2013

Do developed countries have more freedom than others?-4

The people in Islamic and less developed countries talk about the western or developed world's materialistic inclination and other moral bankruptcy but fail to see in themselves that they are also following the same path, although they chose to ignore it. If the western world has all the evil then how come the Muslims are free to practice their religion by building mosques and preach freely as compared to most if not all the Islamic countries where the dominant sect of that religion dictates what should be allowed and not allowed even if it conflicts with the real message of their religion. Much discrimination is not only directed against non Muslim minorities but also small Muslim sects that do not adhere to the majority sect views. They are not allowed to freely worship or practice their own version of the sect for fear it will create new ideas on the majority views and there will be violence. And I am afraid this type of discrimination will increase in the future as the governments of the Islamic and other countries will try to hold on to their power by invoking foreign hands for their failures in the economic and human resources sphere and blaming others is a very convenient way to deflect attention of their increasingly restless population who are also to blame for their decay. So the more their population are desperate for basic necessities and try to voice their opinion the more repressive the governments will become and hence the increasing distance between the freedom that people will be enjoying in the developed countries and the less developed and Islamic countries.

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