Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Does violence in movies affect us?

There has always been a raging debate going on about the effect violence in the movies have on the people who view it. There are those that say that it affects the immature minds deeply but also for the regular folks especially the violence depicted in movies relating to women. But as usual the people who make these kinds of movies defend it on the pretext that they just show what is happening in society at large. The rating system developed here in the U.S. and other countries gives a pretty good picture of what we should expect while watching a movie. But if you have noticed that the rating system has evolved over the years. For example the movies which were rated very violent decades ago are now considered tame with the today's' values and standards and so we see more movies being rated below the restrictive ones simply because we have started to tolerate violence in movies. But does this violence affect us to the extent that we try to recreate what is on screen in real life. Although you can say that sometimes it does but not always. I have seen some of the most violent movies ever created but that does not mean I will try to recreate anything in real life. I just watch movies as entertainment (although I acknowledge that some of these violent movies stretches the meaning of entertainment) and movie. Maybe I am something of an anomaly or if most of the people do the same, I don’t know. But judging by the violence in society I believe that most of the people also watch movies and then move on.

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