Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Knowledge is power

This is a fact that everybody knows. Somebody knows it better than other people and that is how they control information and command premium prices for their services. In certain countries this flow of information and knowledge is tightly controlled lest the general population knows about it and then gain that knowledge to challenge and demand rights from their governments. For example every field in life has its own terms and meanings and this knowledge is used by the professions of those fields to command premium pay and have an upper hand over ordinary people not having the knowledge or just too busy enough to learn the terms. For example, doctors have their terms and so does the bankers, accountants, lawyers, electrician, plumbers, carpenters, computer specialists and the list goes on. These people command good pay due to their specific knowledge in their fields. In some underdeveloped countries, rich people stifle the knowledge that poor people can have and thus control the access to schools so that they can have the upper hand. But with internet now available almost everywhere and people being more aware of their rights and also acquiring knowledge to better their lives, it is no longer the domain of rich people to control the poor people. But with knowledge gaining prominence day by day in every sphere of life, countries are increasing the spread of knowledge to their citizens to have an edge over other countries and thus acquire more wealth. So for an individual the more knowledge you acquire, the more edge you will have over people with less knowledge.

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