Friday, May 17, 2013

Do developed countries have more freedom than others?-3

I am not here to bash non freedom or Islamic countries but to have some comparison. Discrimination is everywhere and if you believe that it is not the western world then you are wrong. It is not institutionalized but it is certainly covertly individualized. It is not practiced by the government but the people in the private sector or their private lives do practice some form of discrimination even if they go overboard in denying it. That is the hard truth and the people who intend to migrate here should know this beforehand since they will be better prepared to handle these kinds of situations. And you are sure to encounter lots of it without even getting any acknowledgment that you are being discriminated against and it has nothing to do with religion or culture but a certain upbringing. But in less developed and Islamic countries, you should not be expecting this discrimination but you get shocked when there is both individual and governmental discrimination on a massive scale and again it has nothing to do with religion but with the cultural and societal behavior that encourages this. The freedom of speech that the Americans (and some other countries) take for granted can get into whole lot of trouble in less developed and Islamic countries since they have to control what their public is saying and watching. But here is my question, instead of providing for their citizens why these countries try to stifle discontent which maybe just their way of getting things done or fighting for justice.

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