Friday, May 10, 2013

Beware of the company you keep

Since I have been following the Boston Bombing from day one, an interesting situation has arisen regarding the roommates of the bombers who on purpose or inadvertently destroyed some evidence in this case and it got me thinking that now more than ever you need to extra careful whom you are befriending and with whom you should be sharing company. Being a friend is something but if you friend is really what you don’t think he/she is then you have to be extra careful about it or just stay away from them. Although it is now much more easier to track your friend's activities and what they are doing because of all the social media and the willingness of the participants to share everything in their lives, there are some who are reluctant to share everything especially if have befriended them lately. But here is the catch, once your friend leaves the country or is not posting that much about himself/herself on the internet and you are unable to verify his whereabouts or whatever reason you are completely in the dark about his/her activities, a red flag should be raised in your mind about what is going on. It is not a random concern but a genuine one since if you are a friend, you should know that nothing bad has happened to your friend or he has not fallen into wrong company. Nowadays it is never too much to be alert about which you are keeping company with since you never know if your so called "Friend" may be in collaboration with some shady characters and then you would be the one bearing the brunt and suspicions of law enforcement officials.

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