Thursday, May 9, 2013

What it means to assimilate?-2

Unless you give citizenship to your immigrants after a certain time and for those who are born there immediately, how are you expecting people to assimilate? If Germany thinks that it is a catholic Christian country why then allow Muslims to their country in the first place and if they are there for a long time, it is not democratic to send them back to their native countries and what about the kids who are born in Germany to Turkish parents, Germany is still having a hard time to assimilate them. You can either reduce immigration drastically (like Japan does) or don’t bring them in and once they are there for a long time, you cannot just ignore them and then say that they are not assimilating. You as a host country just have to make the effort to reach out to these immigrants and the immigrants should also do their part in trying to assimilate in the life of their host country. France is in a worse shape than Germany. It is usually good in granting citizenship but that is about it and then forgets that it has an immigrant population. They want to emphasize the Frenchness but then don’t assimilate their immigration population that much. Even if you don’t believe me, you can read the news when the riots erupted in France some time ago. I have been to France but have not been to the poor sections of it ( I went there in the early 1980s) but by the reports I have read, there is simply a disconnect between the immigration population and the larger society.

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