Friday, May 10, 2013

Scratching my head over ads-2

When some company blames the controversial ads on the ad agencies and try to wash their hands off it, it makes me think that either they knew about the ad and trying to blame somebody else for their incompetency (usually the case) or they are scrambling to say that they are innocent and some lowly guy in the company approved the ads without the general managements' approval. Whatever is the case, the controversial ads just show how incompetent some companies can be in terms of their marketing abilities with all the talent on hand, they still fumble in the advertisement of their products department. And it is not these two ads I can count but I am sure there are many where the controversies of the ads made the companies retreat or retract the whole ad and then they have to scramble in their PR department to correct the message they were conveying. I believe that most of the ads are viewed before they are publicly released but there are some which the corporate bosses don’t see and they sign it off and then when something goes wrong then the blame game and finger pointing starts. So if I were a company boss, I would ask to create an ad of my product and then test it with the widest range and diversity of people to gauge the feeling of running it and then get the approval. Although most of the ads are noncontroversial and innocent but the slippage of even one through the cracks is enough to cause huge losses financially and otherwise for a company whose products the ads are promoting.

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