Monday, May 6, 2013

The new hotspots of the world-2

And for those of you who think that the U.S. should disengage from the world completely, it is not going to happen since we have boxed ourselves into too many national security and interests areas that even if we disengage from one, we will remain untangled into the other. Take for example North Korea, just when we thought that we can bring some of the troops from the Korean peninsula, we have this uncertain North Korean regime who can threaten our allies and same goes with Taiwan where we have committed ourselves in defending them in case of outside (read: Chinese ) aggression. And you could never engage from the Middle East because of Oil and Israel and other complexities even if we choose to ignore it somewhat in the short run. Although I can start elaborating the hotspots a little bit but it would take many, many posts and the situation is so fluid and evolving (especially in the case of Syria) that it would be hard to catch up with it. Even if we have the money and the manpower to station our troops in these hotspots, our will and stamina has been zapped too much by the Iraq and Afghanistan War (still in it). We have become too wary to be engaged in another war (although some people are pushing it on humanitarian grounds, I don’t know why? Anyway whether we like it or not the world has become a dangerous place and we would not be able to completely ignore it.

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