Monday, May 13, 2013

The cases of missing children

This week's dramatic events regarding the rescue of three women supposedly missing for the last ten years and other cases on missing children whose photos adorn the milk carton sometimes and on the flyers got me thinking about the cases of thousand of missing children who may all not be missing at all but right under our noses, kidnapped and lost and not the runaways that we always assume. And it is not only in the U.S. but through out the world, children go missing against their will. Sometimes kidnapped, sometimes taken away by their estranged parents and sometimes just go missing forever, used as human trafficking on a global scale and used as sex objects for sick, depraved people. There are many organizations working for these missing children but it is still not enough as the numbers are overwhelming in these cases. I know that the organizations who work for these missing children are doing a commendable job in locating the kids but we should all make an effort to make sure no kid goes missing by keeping an eye on our kids and their activities and other problems in school and outside and beware of strangers. I know that the cases of missing children will always be there but by making a collective effort, we can reduce this type of incidence because no child who is born in this world deserved to be without their loved ones. A little help to the law enforcement officials in these cases could go a long way in reducing this menace.

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