Friday, May 3, 2013

Another Bangladesh tragedy

Just yesterday I was talking about the May Day being observed throughout the world as labor day and another tragedy which is still unfolding has struck Bangladesh again in the form of a building collapse where more than 400 people (and counting ) have died and many more injured. It was a textile factory producing clothes for western brands. Although it is tragic but it is also the corruption and the utter disregard for laws that hinder the improvement of codes that these buildings are located. In a rush to get as many orders as possible from western brands and then they get these kinds of tragedies. It is also the government which rules over a country which is one of the poorest in the world. They are desperate to create jobs and right now the textile has the overwhelming portion of that country's GDP and it is the second biggest exporter of textile goods in the world after China (according to some estimates). If this tragedy was to ever happen in the industrialized world, there would have been such a hue and cry that it would changed how manufacturing should be done there. But as the tragedy goes on, and the brands take heat from the customers to do something about it, I don’t believe it would not be the last time we would hear about the sad news about people dying in horrible conditions. Because although it is big news right now, I am afraid it would fade away to the next disaster.

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