Friday, May 17, 2013

Do developed countries have more freedom than others?-2

Same goes for some movies which are effectively banned in some western countries but not in the United States. So you can see that not all the western countries have the same concept of the freedom and they may in their own infinite wisdom banned certain things that they deem will affect the morality of the population (although in this day of internet, it is nearly impossible short of shutting down the whole internet system to put a ban on some items as they are readily available in other countries). But overall in respect of human rights they have a much better track record than the so called Islamic and non Islamic countries as the laws there are applied as broadly as to being treading on glass every time you say something lest you offend some individual, organization or the government. Case in point is the ban on websites that are anti-government or deemed offensive to religion. But selectively banning some websites and not banning the ones that fan sectarianism in Islamic countries is kind of hypocrisy. Then human rights are the least of these people concerns and so is the treatment of minorities in certain countries as it seems like it is an a strange concept. I really don’t understand what these governments afraid are off. They have been already off the cliff due to their economic decline and mismanagement so to divert their citizens’ attention; they create new threats where none exist. And the strange part is that it has nothing to do with Holy Scripture or divine instructions.

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