Thursday, May 16, 2013

The ups and downs of insurance

As you already know the rate of insurance on yourself goes up and down with age (at least it happens in the U.S.). If you are young, your car insurance will be higher because of your age as you may be deemed reckless in driving. On the other hand, the older you get, your insurance goes down (if you have not yet established yourself as a cautious driver) because older people tend to extremely cautious in their driving patterns. But in the case of older drivers, they can also be a dangerous one as their ability to do certain things while driving and also their health factors can be hazardous to not only to themselves but to other drivers as well. Also the kind of cars one drives also comes into factor what your insurance rate would be as well as where you are living (believe me this factor is important as when I moved from one city to another in another suburban county, my rate dropped dramatically). Although your credit score can also come into effect but there are many other factors that the insurance companies take apart from the previously mentioned in order to come up with a good rate. And it is not uniform throughout the insurance industry, as different insurance companies will give you different rates and then you have to select one based on their insurance level you need for your car. This is one case of your insurance and one of the other ones is the life insurance you may want to have for yourself and your family.

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