Monday, May 6, 2013

The new hotspots of the world

For the U.S. anything outside our country is a hotspot since we don’t know what would happen anywhere in the world. As the sole superpower with multiple national interests and security issues to deal with, the world is always in crisis with hotspots emerging with much frequency. And sometimes we have to deal with multiple hotspots and if we don’t have, we create one (remember Iraq!). The biggest one is always the Middle East which is always in turmoil since I have been reading news. The latest flare-up is in the ancient country of Syria and it has not abated till now. And it is one small piece of the whole pie that includes Egypt, Pakistan, China, North Korea and the perennial Israel and the rest of the Arab World (the Muslim world is too much into itself to worry about the Palestinian conflict right, they are just in for the slogans and keeping their population's wishes in check) So my question is are we willing to spend our resources on fixing every new hotspot that erupts or do a back door diplomacy and encourage regional solutions to regional problems? As I suggested long time ago, if we need to really remain engaged with the outside world and meet our so called obligations, we need to bring troops home from at least Europe (which can take care of itself) or at least find a way for countries to pay for it. And if we do that then we can be mercenaries for hire, not a nice idea but at least we will reduce out defense budget to the barest minimum without compromising our security.

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