Friday, May 3, 2013

Another Bangladesh tragedy-2

But if the government of Bangladesh wants the world business to keep on outsourcing their work to their country then they also have responsibility to make sure that the conditions are safe enough for workers to work without fear of getting killed. I can understand the desperation that this tragedy will generate as news are coming out that the manufacturers there are pleading with the brands not to leave their country for other destination but to stick with them and help improve conditions. But the pressure is on the companies also to do something about it and it would be hard to ignore all the pressure stemming from this tragedy. Either the brands stick there, spend money and improve the conditions and get hit on their bottom line and abandon them or then more people will become miserable for lack of jobs. I believe that there should an international organization which should verify conditions in outsourcing countries to make sure that they follow the minimal safety standards to operate and then have a certification labeled on them so that the brands should have a guidance of where to outsource their products. And this monitoring should be an ongoing process and the payment for its operations should be done by the brands as well as the government of Bangladesh and any outsourced vendor who wants to make sure his/her products meet international standards. This is the minimal the world can do to prevent tragedies like this from happening again. For further prevention, more steps should be taken in consultations with everyone involved.

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