Thursday, May 23, 2013

My experience with jury duty-3

For the jurors entertainment, room A had HGTV®, in room B, there was ESPN ® sports channel and the third one room C had CNN® on. I started to watch in room A as jurors name started calling and by 11.45 a.m, there came an announcement that it is time for lunch break, so I headed towards the cafeteria to eat something. I took the safest route and ate Tuna salad with chips and then even before the deadline of 1.30 I was back in the room again. Since I had nothing to do but to wait, I also dozed off and played on the phone accessing internet. Well by 3.15 there was another announcement that the names being called have to gather around the reception area and my luck that my name was there for next day jury duty but at 9.30 a.m and not 8.15 a.m. I headed towards the parking lot and called my office to give them this news. I forgot to mention that I had to wear the badge of the Juror and also my parking ticket had to validate since the parking was free for the jurors. And every time we had to go out of the court house and come back we had to validate our juror badge so that we may have our attendance. The next day was easier as I was in room C with CNN®. After getting my attendance verified, I took my coffee and the name calling started coming. As there were first day jurors, I was lucky enough not be called in the first wave of calling and by 12.15 p.m the jurors who were not called were dismissed from jury duty for the next three years. I gave my badge back to the court people and called my office if they want me to come. Since my attendance was confirmed for two days, the office excused me also and I took the rest of the day off. But before going I got a card from the court to be given to my human resources area so that they can send it back to the court house confirming my attendance. Maybe next time I would be selected and then I can write about how the process of selection goes on.

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