Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Who’s minding the Security?-2

So are we keep on getting these security breaches or will be ever feel secure about using our credit and debit cards? By the looks of things, rest assured that we will get more security hacks like this maybe not on a massive scale like this but we will. If look at the history of hackings even recently you will notice that big companies and even security ones are being targeted exposing holes in their security. I really don’t understand that even all these expenditures on security and others, there are these breaches going on with increasing frequency. Either somebody is not testing their security constantly or they just believe that the breaches are going to happen no matter how much money and expertise they put into their security. For the companies affected it can be a huge embarrassment and loss of business but for the people who have their credit and debit card stolen and their identities exposed, it is no less an huge affair. Although it is a hassle to change your debit and credit card but when your identity is stolen like this then you have to wonder that if it is only this breach or the thieves have taken more than the PIN and card numbers, if it involves social security numbers then it becomes really a nightmare and you have to constantly on the vigil that somebody may not open an account in your name under the social security number. I am really very tired of hearing about their security breaches and then the apologies and investigations start, why can't these companies make their system as much as fool proof as possible and if they fear the security breach is going to happen why can't they spread their security across different companies so that it does not affect so many people and also keep on constantly checking on their security because a constant vigil is the only way to secure that there are no more breaches and if any can be caught in time like in days and not weeks. Other thing is that please update the public as soon as something like this happens and don’t wait till some other entity reveals that there were more people affected than initially acknowledged.

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