Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Testing someone in times of need

Have you ever tested someone in your time of need like some kind of financial support, help with your child care while you work to bring home decent pay or have asked your friend for any kind of support when you are down on your luck. I have and have had mix success and I can understand that people have problems of their own but if you asking some help from somebody it is not of fun but as a matter of last resort. I have never asked any kind of financial assistance from any of my friends and relatives but from my immediate family and have not been disappointed. But here I will be brutally honest that if you have the network to help your friend or relative or acquaintance land an interview not even a job and I am not talking about out of huge favor but if you are qualified enough and then you don’t help even knowing that the person needs one then it truly hurts. You don’t have to ask for a real job, just an introduction and there is no promise of a job just a way to get to alert the person who is interviewing that you are promising candidate and should have a look. And if person doing you a favor have the power to help an unemployed relative or person out and does not for reasons best known to them then you know time does not remain the same for everybody. I may not get a job now but since I have been sent to this world then I would also be taken care of somehow. GOD works in mysterious ways and one day you can be dirt poor and the next day you may become filthy rich and it is your test how to treat both your conditions. You expect to get help from your relatives but if some don’t even if it is in their capacity to do so then it is better not to have contacts with them. So if you want to see who your true benefactor is or well wisher try them when you are really down in the dumps.

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