Sunday, December 8, 2013

The female insecurities-2

And if they choose the career, they are called selfish and if they go for the family route they are called non career woman so it is damn you do and damn you don’t. Either way it is up to the individual female to decide which route to take because there are no easy answers. The second one is the weight issue that every one struggles with each day (not that men don't do but they just care a lot less than women do). You will see thousands of ads regarding the weight issue and then the popular media tries to portray heavier women as not attractive. You can see how is insecurity is perpetuated not only by the media but by the women themselves. Although the pictures you see on the magazines are sometimes photo shopped to make them look much thinner than they are already but mostly women think that it is the image they want to have. Then there are several websites which encourage anorexia and bad eating behaviors that add to the insecurities of females especially the teenagers. This obsession with figures becomes a competing game and more and more females fall victim to it and become insecure about their bodies even if they are fine. If you notice in the movies, a female is never satisfied with her body and even when their boyfriends and husbands say they look beautiful, they are insecure to the extent that their boyfriends and husbands will leave for the next woman if they ever gain weight. Then females goes to extreme length to have plastic surgery to look younger or more feminine or remove wrinkles or whatever they feel dissatisfied with their body, it is just a short distance to the plastic surgeon to correct it to their specifications.

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