Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Displays of opulence

This is how I feel and I may be wrong or right but there will be some people out there who will share my view. I have seen people displaying or you can say flaunting their wealthy not discreetly or openly for other people to see to make them either jealous or envious or something like that. The most annoying ones are you see every day like people holding onto the famous and most expensive coffee Starbucks® in their hands walking around. If you feel that I am being too jealous or envious of them, I am not either but if you start complaining about how much expenses you have and are having difficulty paying your bills while holding that expensive cup of coffee in your hands then you are sure I will be completely turned off and may also tune them out. If you are really struggling to pay your bills why are you not getting a cheaper brand of coffee and why can't you get your lunch from your house and buy expensive ones at your office area when you are pinching money. I wrote long ago about women holding expensive luxury handbags (which may or may not be fake) but they buy it to show to their colleagues, friends, relatives and other people who may or may not know their true social status or financial condition. But it is just to make you feel good inside about it. Spending money on expensive stuff and then flaunting it out reduces your funds not mine and flaunting expensive stuff does not make me any more envious or jealous for that matter since I really don’t care about your expensive stuff. If what you owe and flaunt makes you an arrogant and inconsiderate person then you can have it to yourself because it does not affect my health (although it may affect somebody else's).

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