Sunday, December 15, 2013

The manipulation of religion-3

Although every religion has its own adherents who interpret the scripture to their needs and then try to find refuge behind their interpretations, it is the Muslims who have the turn now to manipulate its religion and try to rewrite history with their rigid and myopic interpretation and pitting themselves not only against the Non Muslim world but also their own co-religionists. And they are justifying this in the name of Islam like the religion Islam has to do with all these wars and other calamities that has befallen the Muslim world. These people believe that only they have the mental capacity and intellectual ability to interpret what the Holy Scripture has meant and then they are instead of convincing people with reason resort to violence to force people to view their interpretation as the right one and all the other interpretations are not correct or have been manipulated by them. It is this manipulation of the religion that is playing havoc in the Muslim world and no competent religious scholar is/has coming/com forward to have a debate about it since there are very few if any that can have a debate on this topic and get away with it since the other party may not have the patience or even the intention to listen to counter arguments to their interpretation and it may just end up in violence as it is been going around for so many years. As long as people are interpreting the scriptures according to their own myopic views, this violence is going to go on abated as one group of people fight with the other groups of people for the forceful win over the hearts and minds of the hapless masses.

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