Monday, December 23, 2013

Age old sentences and words used constantly-2

Everybody knows that people are afraid to innovate on their own when working at a job. They don’t want to ruffle feathers with their bosses who have been programmed to do the same thing day and night till they retire and I don’t blame them. Nobody wants to be the person to offend their bosses and their company's client who are used to the same sentences and words all their lives. But if you have your own company you can do with a little innovation like I said in my previous post. Another one not so annoying as much as being used too much is the "regards" word and there are variations of it like "best regards", "kind regards" and the obvious "regards" and it all depends upon how much your client is valuable to you or how much you have developed a relationship with a person. Another one is "have a nice day" or its variation "have a nice weekend". If you have been stopped by a cop for a traffic violation and he/she gives you a ticket and then smiles and says "have a nice day" does it not annoy you since not only that day but many days to come have been ruined by this ticket. This expression becomes annoying if used in this extent. One of my favorites is "see you later" or its variation, "talk to you soon" both of them anticipating that you will bump into each other sometime in the future and even when you meet a stranger and become a little informal with his/her during that brief moment you don’t really expect to meet them again but we always say the above mentioned sentence to them.

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