Monday, December 2, 2013

How many vacation days are acceptable in a year?

This is not as contentious issue as it is made out to since you don’t have to argue about it as much and you get what the organization in which you are working gives you. Some organizations give you usually two weeks in the United States and some give three weeks and it grows if you stay in your job for more than one year. In other countries it may be of different duration but mostly organization give some days off to their employees to make them forget about work and take time for themselves. When I was working previously I started with two weeks’ vacation per year and the graduated to three weeks. But in my present employment, I already started with a three weeks’ vacation. Although according to my standards it is a generous benefits but it seems like some people think that it is less generous. But have anybody figured out yet what are the optimal vacation days one should give their employees each year. Because I usually hear that even if you go on vacation for two weeks or even three weeks it is not enough for some. And I have struggled to come up with an answer of how many vacation days are enough. Maybe a month or two months or even six months with pay or how about on a permanent vacation without pay, that will do. Nowadays another variation has come with in which some organizations have no limit on vacation time but it is only a minuscule number of them and have not caught on yet and I am not sure it will ever too because there is always a chance of abuse. I believe that three weeks is enough of a vacation time and if somebody else comes up with another suggestion, you are free to comment.

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