Sunday, December 22, 2013

Too many distractions-2

The checking of your phone while you are in the train or somewhere stationary is fine but when people are checking it on the go and sometimes blocking the way of other people are rather annoying. If it is a life or death situation I can understand but if it is something other than an emergency why are some people being obnoxious about it. If they really want to check every minute, they can stop by or get out of the way of other people who may have to reach their work place or other places. And I will readily admit that I also get distracted from time to time but you will hardly find me checking my phone walking on the road or street like I am conducting a war. When I am on the internet it is hard to concentrate on one website along as you are constantly moving from one site to another if something does not interest you right away. And if you work in the office, the distractions multiply manifold like when you are working on something and are concentrating when all of sudden a new thing comes up and you have to leave what you are doing and concentrate on the new item. It just breaks your concentration and then you have to take a breather before you start on this new item. And these distractions not only hurt your focus on certain things but you are unable to complete one task at a certain time and are juggling yourself from one work to another. This is why you can see that most of the people have lost complete focus and your mind keeps on wandering from one thing to the other and you are completely exhausted because of your completely shifting focus on several things at once instead of completing a task in one sitting.

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