Thursday, December 19, 2013

A question of faith-2

And when an innocent child is killed for no fault of his/her then the question of faith really intensifies. What did a child do to deserve to die an unnatural death or even if it is natural why to make them suffer and their parents and loved suffer? How does it fit into the schemes of things of the world of parents whose world is turned upside down by the loss of a child? How can GOD do this to them and what was the use of giving a child to a couple when their lives will be cut short by a tragic event. This and similar and many questions come to mind when you are emotionally unstable and not in the right frame of mind at the time of the tragedy and even long after you still question what and why of the situation and your mind cannot comprehend why this has happened to you. I know that here you completely question your faith and even contact your religious leaders to make sense of the situation and the religious leaders are at a loss how to console and explain what has happened and so some of them give you historical facts about Jesus Christ or some other historical figure and try to compare their predicament with yours. But it is really hard to explain to the aggrieved parties how and why it happened to them and why they should keep faith in the higher beings because there are some things which no human being can explain, you can keep on questioning and doubting your faith in these kinds of events. But it is really your test of faith that you should be strong enough to withstand these terrible tragedies and try to understand their meaning. In the end your strong faith will indeed carry you through these terrible tragedies.

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