Sunday, December 15, 2013

The manipulation of religion-2

You see the regular folks don’t know much about religion and so they rely on these scholars to navigate their spiritual part of their lives. And if these scholars don’t come to the one conclusion of some verse in the scripture then there is trouble all around. I am not talking about all the religions scholars but there are some who has take to the literal meaning of the words and then manipulate it to their own liking and then teach their flock their own interpretation which may or may not what the GOD had intended in the first place and that is how the conflict is created. Sometimes these scholars mix and match some verses from some place and join it to something else to make their point and further their agenda. And if these scholars don’t help then people on their own do some little work and then manipulate the religion to justify their actions. I don’t really understand how the people can think that they can easily interpret the scriptures and then justify attacking other sects of the religion and other religions and then argue that it is in the scriptures. How do you know what GOD intended and in what context that verse or sentence came that they have made basis to justify violence against other religions or sects and is violence the only thing GOD preached in the scriptures? How about your love and responsibilities towards your family, towards the poor, your neighbors, your elders, little kids, towards society, country, relatives, animals etc. Why does violence have to apply always to achieve your aim?

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